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Albury Floor Polishing & Maintenance

How you live on your floor depends on the individual household, there are some measures you can take to lengthen its life. If you would like to maintain your flooring to ensure its good looks we can help.

  • Use rugs and mats in high traffic areas
  • Regular cleaning of floor with dust mops will keep grit off which can scratch.
  • Always use floor cleaner designed for timber floors, (beware of supermarket products that contain silicon, oils, and waxes these can cause problems with recoating).
  • Minimize direct light on the floor as it will discolour over time.
  • Place felt or other forms of protection to the feet of chairs and base of furniture
  • When moving furniture always lift off floor where possible.
  • Depending on environment, wear and product a recoat to lengthen the life of the floor is advisable.

What you can expect from you floor

  • Each timber floor is unique, and each product has its own characteristics, therefore the finished result may vary from expectation.
  • An old floor cannot be expected to look like a new floor; some stains and sratches will not come out with sanding. Some nails have black staining that run through the board.

Natural Oil, Waxes

  • Leaves the floor looking very natural
  • Certain varieties are easy to repair when damaged or scratched
  • No blistering or delamination

Water based Products

  • Natural in appearance
  • Minimal yellowing
  • Non toxic
  • Fast drying
  • No Edge bonding
  • Allows timber to move naturally
  • Hard wearing
  • Consistent sheen levels

Solvent Based Products

  • Strong, good wear.
  • Toxicity levels high when hardening.
  • Yellowing over time.
  • Inconsistent sheen levels